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Percussor Therapy

Percussor therapy treatment is a safe and effective procedure used for a variety of soft tissue dysfunctions, and for retaining muscle balance by releasing the tension or restriction of dysfunctional fascia—the tough connective tissue that covers all of our muscles and every part of our body from head to toe.

Percussor Therapy helps with:

  • Post exertion muscle fatigue

  • Myalgia (muscle pain)

  • Musculoskeletal pain and dysfunctions

  • Myofascial restrictions and adhesions

  • Muscle spasms

  • Restricted range of motion

  • Muscle imbalance

  • Neuromuscular inefficiency

  • Myofascial trigger points

  • Adhesions and scar tissue

If you would like to make a Percussor Therapy appointment, please call our office: 952-697-3100 -OR- you can request an appointment with our chiropractor.

About Arne Wellness Center

Our Minnetonka, Minnesota chiropractor, Dr. Arne specializes in effective chiropractic care techniques, holistic wellness care, and acupuncture for patients.

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