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Acupuncture for Hormonal Imbalances Minnetonka

Pain Management

Through Acupuncture

With acupuncture, we can help you find pain relief.


During our acupuncture treatments we'll cause a measurable release of endorphins into your bloodstream, removing any energy blocks you might have. Endorphins are the body's natural opioids and help you to feel happy and pain relief.  Removing energy blocks will help you restore the flow of energy to your specific energy channels that need energy.

About Acupuncture

Acupuncture uses a variety of techniques to stimulate a plethora of anatomical locations. As a traditional acupuncturist, we incorporate a variety of applications from China, Japan, Korea, and other countries. We use gentle stimulation of acupuncture points by penetrating the skin with almost hair-thin, solid, metallic needles.

If you're looking for acupuncture in Minnetonka, MN for pain management, look no further.

If you would like to make an appointment for your pain management, please call our office: 952-697-3100 -OR- you can request an appointment with our acupuncturist.

About Arne Wellness Center

Our Minnetonka, Minnesota chiropractor, Dr. Arne specializes in effective chiropractic care techniques, holistic wellness care, and acupuncture for patients.

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