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Our Chiropractic, Holistic, &

Acupuncture Success Stories

"I had my blood work done in early March and was told that my kidney function was at stage 3. Stage 5 kidney function requires dialysis! I worked with Bessie who did Emotional Release Therapy to remove the emotions that fed the kidney dysfunction, PEMF (Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field therapy) to restore proper kidney voltage, and cold laser therapy to restore kidney function.


Dr. Steve utilized chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture to keep the central nervous system functioning optimally and kept the meridians open so the brain could properly communicate with the kidneys.


I had my blood retested again in early May and was informed that my kidney function was normal! I was amazed and pleased with the results.


The whole body approach at the Arne Wellness Center and Wellness Spa where the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects are addressed is very powerful and it works."


Grateful Patient - Terry H.

Testimonial from Richard T. for his charge, Don who has Advanced Alzheimer’s:


“I brought my charge, Don, to Dr. Steve with the hope that his adjusting technique would help Don with stiffness and balance related to Alzheimers. He is standing straighter, shuffling less, and he has much better balance.

Don also began working with Bessie and began to say words other than “yes” or “no.” He now says, “Thank you, Dr. Steve.” Or “Thank you, Juliann.” My goal is to hear Don speak in full sentences again so we can communicate. We aren’t there yet, but I am hopeful!

Don enjoys coming to Arne Wellness Center and Wellness Spa. He smiles at the staff, cooperates with their treatments, is calm during his appointments, and even is willing to follow Juliann’s dance steps.

We have already come further than I anticipated in connected with Don and helping him both physically and verbally. I am hopeful to see even more of my friend emerge as he continues to receive treatment here.”

- Richard T.

“I recommend one hundred percent to do emotional release therapy (ERT) with Bessie. I have never had this type of therapy before, but I love it. I believe we all need to take care of ourselves. ERT helped me learn to release pain from my past that was affecting my present. Letting go of the past allows me to look forward to the future. I encourage you to take time to listen to your body because your emotions are speaking to you in ways you may not realize. I am grateful to Bessie and the entire team at the Wellness Spa!”

- DLB, Patient Testimonial - Emotional Release Therapy

“I struggle with feelings of resentment toward my mother. I feel like she wasn’t ever really there for me as a child and I often played the mother role to her and my siblings. When I am around her now I am often irritable and stressed.

My husband is a wonderful man, but I feel like he doesn’t understand me or listen to me. When I feel unrecognized, I close off and internalize my feelings.

I struggle with closure from family deaths – my dad died in 2009 and my sister in 2010. Both were unexpected and tragic. I never took care of my emotions properly. If anything, I tried to find love and care in an unhealthy relationship. I feel guilty for not channeling that need to my family or closest friends.

I had facial/nose trauma in elementary school. I have since always had sensitivity and anxiety with any contact to my face/nose.

In high school I was sexually violated by someone I knew yet never told anyone. I felt like it was my fault for putting myself in that position.

Since I’ve begun my QNRT therapy, I’ve been able to address several mental and emotional barriers to my overall health. I feel lighter and more present and able to take on the challenges in life. I love the newfound hope and peace I have found in this process that is more comprehensive than any other therapy I’ve done.”

- Sarah K.

“My history with foot pain related to neuropathy is long and frustrating. Like most people, I sought relief through traditional medical care and per my doctor’s advice I underwent an MRI, which revealed no cause for the pain. My doctor then prescribed Gabapentin. The pain escalated. My doctor ordered another MRI, which also revealed nothing. He then increased my dosage of Gabapentin, which gave no relief at all. In fact, my pain worsened and has continued to worsen for the past eight years during which time I have continued to take Gabapentin daily.

To say that I am extremely frustrated with the traditional medical care I have received for my foot pain is a huge understatement. 

Meanwhile, I have been coming to Dr. Steve and Bessie for other health issues and have always been extremely happy with my restored health. Recently Dr. Steve suggested that I try QNRT, which I did because I have such trust in Dr. Steve’s judgment and knowledge of my physical challenges. I’m writing this testimonial today because I am simply blown away with the results I’ve received after only three sessions. I limped into my third session because the pain in my right foot was so extreme that I was unable to bear weight on it. At the end of my session I was able to walk out on both feet, pain free, for the first time in eight years. I’d love to be able to explain to you how Dr. Steve accomplished in three sessions what an entire medical team could not over eight years, but I can’t. I can just tell you that it worked. I’m walking and talking proof, literally, that QNRT is a powerful healing technique that releases pain that is stored deep within our bodies. I do know that Dr. Steve worked with my psoas muscle, also known as the muscle of the soul because it tightens to protect the body’s vital organs, While the medical community focused on my feet and pain, Dr. Steve searched for the originating source of my pain.

I will finish the next three visits of my initial plan of six and then continue on with another plan of six visits. I cannot wait to see the level of healing and restoration I will have when I have completed twelve sessions.

I would encourage anyone to try QNRT. The body is a wondrous and complex mystery. Like a fire alarm going off, the source of the problem can very easily be originating elsewhere and Dr. Steve is able through QNRT to not only find the actual source of pain, he is able to offer real relief.”


- Joanne

“I have been a patient at the Arne Wellness Center (AWC) for almost 7 years. The care that I have received has been exemplary. They believe in a holistic approach that amalgamates healing of the body, mind, and spirit. Over the years, the AWC has continued to improve and refine its practice; adding to its already sterling service and patient results.

With this inexorable drive for transcendent care, the AWC has added QNRT to the fold. Dr. Stephen Arne has performed this on me four times. Each time my physical and emotional state has improved. I have suffered from neck and back pain for years, as well as different levels of anxiety. I felt an even greater degree of improvement after my last QNRT session with Dr. Steve.

Dr. Steve has configured the QNRT process in such a way that he has truncated the protocol, but increased its effectiveness. I was on the receiving end of this. In just 30 minutes, my last QNRT session ended with my body being completely free of physical pain. I also felt a profound sense of inner peace by the time I walked out of the office. As the week progressed I noticed (and continue to notice) that my neurological functioning with regards to processing, reasoning, and life discernment has advanced to a more efficacious level.

I am encouraged and excited about this QNRT development by Dr. Steve and plan on multiple future sessions with him. I continue to be amazed and profoundly grateful to the steadfast compassion, healing, and friendship that the Arne Wellness Center continues to bless me with.”


- Carl G.

"Since I've begun my QNRT therapy, I've been able to address several mental and emotional barriers to my overall health.  I feel lighter and more present and able to take in the challenges in life.  I love the new found hope and peace I have found in this process that is more comprehensive than any other therapy I've done."  


- Sarah

chiropractor Minnetonka, MN
chiropractic Minnetonka, MN

Now 90 years old, I’ve had chiropractic for over 50 years in Boston and Minneapolis. My experience at the Arne Wellness Center (AWC) and Wellness Spa was an amazing first! I woke up with excruciating lumbar and leg pain so I called the AWC as they were highly recommended by my chiro who retired.    Dr. Steve and Bessie worked on me for 45 minutes each and in one month, the pain in my hip, knee, thigh and low back was completely gone. With their masterful hands and 21st century technologies like cold laser and PEMF, they neutralized my pain in a short period of time.  WOW!  I couldn’t believe it!  I am completely relieved of pain and I feel great! With their ongoing treatments, I am ready to play tennis this summer.  I’m a new person thanks to the AWC and Wellness Spa!

-Jim Bovey

Dr. Steve Arne aka the “miracle worker” has been my chiro in my wrestling career. I compete at a high level so injuries often happen.  Last summer I was fortunate to place in the cadet world team trials with an opportunity to represent the US in Sarajevo, Bosnia. I was training in Northern Michigan when I fractured and sprained my ankle. The doctor in Michigan advised me to take it easy and to write off the rest of the season to my disappointment! I immediately went to Dr. Steve confident that he can get me back out on the mat using his advanced technology and skills.  Using acupuncture, pulsed electromagnetic therapy (PEMF), cranial adjusting, cold laser and chiro adjustments he nursed my ankle back to health just in time to head off to the Olympic Training Center before heading to Sarajevo, Bosnia.  Dr. Steve’s encouragement, positive attitude, and advanced training allowed me to compete!  Thank you Dr. Arne!

-Jake Allar

I have been seeing Dr. Steve for 3 years now.  His expertise in cranial adjustments is crucial for my wellbeing.  I am what most people call a "really healthy person."  I do yoga, meditate, and maintain a very healthy diet.  I'm a very active and involved individual with a lot of responsibility from a professional and personal perspective.  From the outside one might think I was the type of person who didn't need chiropractic - let along cranial work, however, my secret to a well-balanced life is making sure I have both of those on a regular basis.  As a small child I had an accident that left me without much of a curve in my cervical spine.  Having Dr. Steve's cranial adjustments provides me with a much needed (and often missing) component from other chiropractic care.  Doing yoga and meditating are wonderful things that help maintain my adjustments longer, but I can honestly say that it is the cranial adjustments that address the root cause of my pain.


-- Tarisa P.

I came to Arne Wellness  in May 2014 in severe pain. The pain seemed to rove around my body ranging from a herniated stomach, restricted diaphragm, palpitating heart, lower back/mid back/neck pain, kidney area pain, scar tissue formations, toxicity, sleeplessness, etc.  Bessie and Dr.  Arne patiently worked through each of the physical and emotional issues with cranial adjustments, postural correction, acupuncture, emotional release, laser techniques, footbath detoxification, and infrared heat.  I will not forget the first cranial adjustment and scar tissue release.  Bessie took a 27 year old bulked gallbladder scar and released it inch by inch, flattening and relieving it.  Dr.  Arne performed a cranial adjustment freeing up my diaphragm that same night.  I have been recovering week by week with the Arnes’ skill, care, and perseverance. I reaped the benefits of healing when I got on my bike for the first time early Fall.  The freedom and happiness that came from being able to ride my bike for ten miles was exhilarating.  This had a positive impact on me that help spur me along my path to healing.  Prior to coming to Arne Wellness I had worked with five wellness clinics (three of which sent me away because they could not help me), two dental surgeons, and several MDs, but I was unable to gain much improvement in my health.  Dr. Steve and Bessie are continuing to work with me on weight reduction and scar tissue therapies along with the cranial adjustments and muscle correction. I believe today that my brain and heart are functioning much better than when I first came in. I want to express my appreciation to the Arnes and the Arne Wellness staff as they have made a significant difference in my health and life.

A grateful patient,
Jane F.

In March of 2012, I was diagnosed with end stage liver disease. Given my blood work, I started the process of getting on the liver transplant list. By December, I had slightly improved and was told that a transplant wasn’t necessary immediately. Even though my blood work had improved, I was in constant pain and the fatigue didn’t allow me to live a ‘normal’ life. In February of 2013, I came to Wellspa for several detox treatments. The first time I met Bessie, I knew that she had a very special gift of healing. After one visit, my energy level improved. I began intensive Emotional Release Therapy with Bessie and was amazed at the power of releasing hidden emotional garbage. Issues that I thought I had dealt with through traditional therapy were still harbored in my body. With Bessie’s assistance, I was able to release those harmful negative emotions. It has made a huge impact on my life. I am able to deal with difficult situations in a new and healthy way and am a more peaceful person. My family and friends all noticed the changes in me. By June of 2013, all my blood work was in the normal range for the first time and I will not need a transplant for several years. My mortality rate has gone from 3 to 5 years to indefinite. My doctor was amazed at how much I had improved in three months. I credit the improvement to my work with Bessie, not only the Emotional Release Therapy, but the use of cold laser to balance my organs specially my liver, abdominal massage, craniosacral therapy and the detox treatments. Dr. Steve has done wonders with the terrible pain I suffered with my knees and feet. I am forever grateful that I found Wellspa and Bessie and Dr. Steve. They have changed my life and I’m now able to live a ‘normal’ life…something I thought I’d never be able to do again. Thank you Bessie, Dr. Steve and the staff for providing a place of wellness and healing.

--L. Wright

When I first went to the Arne Wellness Center, I had no idea the little piece of heaven I stumbled upon. To start, the customer service was exceptional. The entire staff makes it a point to know your name.

The office ambiance is soothing with essential fragrances, soft lighting, comfortable seating, and with educational health info playing on LCDs in each room.

Your account is personalized and you are given a key card that checks you in and opens the computer in your treatment room so that your file and any staff notes are immediately available to your current practitioner.

The center offers a variety of treatments, all of which I have found surprisingly beneficial.  The crowning jewels are Bessie and Dr. Arne who tag team your issues to make sure that you get relief from your symptoms but also so that you know the root cause of your problem and can stop it from reoccurring!

Everything you might need to either regain or maintain your health can be found here. You won't be disappointed; in fact I believe they will exceed your expectations ... They definitely exceeded mine!

Terri O'Grady

Edina, MN

I was fortunate to discover the Arne Wellness Center over 6 months ago. It was serendipitous in that my massage therapist was once an employee for the business and highly recommended them to me. I had been suffering from multiple physical and emotional ailments for years. Primarily, my physical maladies consisted of a sore neck, back and knees. I have also been a chronic sufferer of anxiety which has hampered my life at times.

I was impressed from the start. The entire staff was extremely welcoming. They were professional, yet conveyed a sense of genuine care for me and my health. I knew I was in terrific hands. I was able to meet with Dr. Arne and other staff members at the initial visit. Each played an individual part in gathering information concerning my health that was later amalgamated to produce and overview of my status. Q&A, computer scans using advanced technology, muscle testing and many other deductive methods were used to gather this empirical data.

Because of the positive results, I have continued to return to the Arne Wellness Center. My back, neck and knees have grown stronger and the pain has been greatly allayed. My anxiety has decreased dramatically through continued emotional release sessions which allowed me to live life more fully.

I am grateful for all of the staff at the Arne Wellness Center and am glad to have them in my life. I continue to sing their praises as a proud advocate of their work.

One Year Later

It has now been a year since I was introduced to the Arne Wellness Center and 6 months since my last testimonial. Just when I thought I had plateaued with wellness, the Arne Wellness Center pushed me further and facilitated my transcendence into a healthy lifestyle I had not thought possible for myself.

Not only has the Arne Wellness Center been a catalyst for my physical well being, but my mental health has improved dramatically as well. I have since joined a concert band and a choir; choices which would have created prodigious amounts of trepidation for me years ago. Now, I see these activities as enjoyable. Thank you Arne Wellness Center for your continued labor of love in striving to bring wellness to all of those you encounter.

--Carl George

This is a great place. I am experiencing continuous stretches of calmness and I teach middle school. My body feels better and I can actually feel more of my body. I am grateful for all the work that is done here!


Alyssa is a swimmer at Eden Prairie High School. She competes with Team FoxJet as well as the Eden Prairie Girls Swim Team. The following is her story of success:

"With the help of the Arne Wellness Center I have not only felt better physically but emotionally. I have been able to compete in high stress situations knowing my body is in top form. They have truly helped me grasp my goals!"

Congratulations on your success!

Hi! My name is Evon Holliday and I was in a car accident. I had herniated discs and was in a lot of pain. I tried many providers but could not get any relief until I went to see Dr. Steve Arne. The Arne Wellness Center (AWC) has a variety of treatment approaches, used in conjunction with chiropractic, to decrease my pain such as cold laser therapy, massage, acupuncture, craniosacral therapy and emotional release therapy to erase the trauma of the accident. Dr. Steve and the healers at the Arne Wellness Center kept me moving toward healing whenever I had a flare up. What I like best about the AWC is the freedom to express myself about my "total self". I never felt judged. I need to be able to trust my doctor and his staff and I appreciate the patience they have given me to meet my needs. The positive attitude they have is healing in itself!

Dr. Steve and the AWC healers helped me become whole again. I strongly urge you to make an appointment for a consultation and see the wellness center for yourself and all it has to offer. The healing team is continually being educated and they truly care about you which is vital to healing. Dr. Steve and his team of healers are available to help you with your total being, if you desire it!

--Evon Holliday

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