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Chiropractic Care for Sports Injuries Minnetonka

Sports Injury Relief

Through Chiropractic Care

If you’re an athlete, you understand the numerous demands of participating in a sport such as running, jumping and tackling. Putting your body through these activities can result in painful tears, sprains, and strains. But seeing a chiropractor can help you when you’ve suffered sports injuries and also help to prevent them.

We treat and can help prevent injuries of the neck, back, shoulder, knee, and ankle. We are skilled in manual adjustment of the spine, ensuring that bones are lined up and balanced, which helps relieve tension in the body. This allows the body to function better and become less susceptible to injury. The goal of most chiropractic techniques is to restore or enhance joint function while resolving joint inflammation and reducing pain. This hands-on therapy is often used to treat neck or back injuries but also relieves pain throughout the joints and muscles in the body.

If you're looking for chiropractic care in Minnetonka, MN for sports injury, look no further.

If you would like to make an appointment for your sports injury, please call our office: 952-697-3100 -OR- you can request an appointment with our chiropractor.

Our Minnetonka, Minnesota chiropractor, Dr. Arne specializes in effective chiropractic care techniques and acupuncture for patients that are in need of help with neck pain, back pain, sports injuries, whiplash due to car accident, Workers Comp, allergies, hormonal imbalances, and more.

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